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Whack Your Boss 24 Ways (Don’t Try This in the Office!)

Anger and games do have a good relationship! I don’t have to tell you about the studies that have linked video games to anger and addiction. Games such as World of Warcraft are known for breeding addictive and zombie like gamers who would rather play in the fantasy world than spare two minutes to even use the toilet. Disrupting such people from their games can lead to a very angry reaction and backlash so approach with caution.

There are many whacking style games out there to play to vent your anger such as these online where you ending someone’s life in the name of anger management. Whack Your Boss is a popular interactive cartoon violence game by Doodie.com. Featuring a frustrated office worker who is picked on by his boss you can choose from twenty ways in which to kill your boss. Each way has been excellently animated by Doodie and the boss crawling along the floor with blood seeping from every crack in his body is quite satisfying after the type of rant he goes on with this poor guy. The game has somewhat of a cult following now as it’s been around for a while with Doodie adding more ways in which to whack your boss over the years. It seems like Tom – the creator has run out of masochistic inspiration now with twenty being the limit for some time.

Well the guys at Adult Swim have gone one better. Their five minutes to kill yourself reloaded game features an office worker who would rather commit the act of suicide than attend his next office meeting with his annoying boss. Hell bent on looking for the quickest way to death the poor guy gets himself into some very terrifying torturous ways of trying to die. Sadly for him each way isn’t quite enough and he must go through over ten different acts before he can ascend to heaven!

Of course we wouldn’t advise any one tries this in real life although such boring office meetings are the requirement of many every day workers. Actually playing games such as these can help deal with anger from a bad day at work. I don’t know whether Adult Swim intended that to be the case but this particular game is quite therapeutic.

Update April 2018:

Since originally covering Whack Your Boss theres been some interesting developments. Notably with the release of many new whack games including Whack Your Neighbour. This has renewed the enthusiasm for such games being played on YouTube with the genre being developed further.

Which ever game you may stumble across in this ever growing online world, be sure it’s one that makes you feel calmer after playing and not all wound up, there’s enough things in life that already add to our anger, games are meant to be fun and take those feelings away!