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Jaws Revenge: Savagery and Blood Thirsty Satisfaction Combined

Though shark attacks aren’t traditionally a laughing matter, it is difficult to keep a straight face when browsing through the niche world of shark attack games. There are many games that involve the simulation of shark attacks and controlling a shark to perform various tasks and goals, though they almost invariably involve destroying and eating things for points, prizes, or simply the satisfaction of being able to do so.

It’s been a great number of years since the legendary Jaws has graced the movie screen, but that doesn’t mean this infamous shark is in full retirement: Jaws Revenge sits comfortably in the “shark attack games” genre as one of the most prominent titles of its type available in the app store, so sit tight, since you may indeed need a bigger boat, particularly if you’re in the way of Jaws and the revenge he wishes to dish out to anyone and everyone within reach.

For Jaws, seeking revenge is quite easy when you’ve got so many victims to choose from, all insisting on taking to the seas in spite of the dangers that lay beneath. The aim of the entire game is simply to destroy and kill everything and everyone that you can by utilising the unique touch-screen control system that acts as a refreshing change from the mouse/keyboard controls involved in flash-based shark games like Shark Mountain or even predatory fish games such as Feed Us 5. Just tap and maintain contact with the screen to make Jaws dive: the lower he goes, the higher he will jump when you release your touch on the screen. You can also lunge forward in the air by tapping in front of jaws after performing a jump. The reason you’re jumping is to decimate as many creatures and humans as is possible because Jaws can’t survive without food; keeping his fullness meter topped up is essential for surviving and living long enough to complete the various goals set for you in each level.

It isn’t just all about the excessive violence and repeated eating of humans and sea creatures, though: you get to earn some cool upgrades as well. As you complete each level that comprise the four different stages, you earn quantities of cash depending on your performance, which is to be spent on attribute upgrades such as the toughness of Jaws’ skin, the power of his bite, and his jump. You will soon discover that some of the upgrades cost quite a ridiculous amount of money, but this is all part of the whole freemium model which makes the game available to you for free, so it’s difficult to complain if you’re not parting with any of your actual cash since this business model is nothing new.

In terms of content, the game has four different worlds to work through, with each of these worlds possessing various levels that almost exclusively involve meeting certain goals within a set amount of time like eating X amount of people or getting certain quantities of points before the next checkpoint. The upgrades are quite fun to achieve, but as mentioned before are quite expensive when you’ve already upgraded a few times and considering you can enjoy lots of shark-based entertainment for free during Discovery’s Shark Week, it seems a little annoying that you are essentially being forced to cough up real money for more content, faster. There are other things to discover such as searching for license plates with hidden messages, various enemies both out of and under the water, and don’t forget the hilarious screams of the victims as you chew up their boats and bodies after having entered frenzy mode, which lets you swim at insane speeds and bring down aircraft from the sky.

The graphics make the game stand out quite substantially from rival titles and are much darker than cartoon style games like Hungry Shark Online. The game also stands out as a result of the sounds and music, both of which are of high quality and involve a variety of screams and pleas from people fleeing in terror: this all adds to the intensity and the terror-stricken atmosphere of the experience. Beyond the graphics, the game doesn’t really have huge amounts of depth because when it comes down to it, it’s just a game about a shark causing as much havoc as it possibly can. This is really all anyone is truly looking for in a shark attack game however, and the amount of blood and panic that you can muster up is quite substantial for an app-based game. Jaws Revenge Mobile Game is up there with the best shark attack games available for mobile devices at the moment, and failing the release of a follow up may just keep it’s top position.