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Whack the Serial Killer: Crazy Horror Movies Revisited

If your anything like the horror fan I am you probably have atleast come across and flirted with some of the more horrific and cringe worth movies around. I am thinking more of the Saw Series and Hostel than Silence of the Lambs by the way.

Of course while the latter is far more enjoyable from virtually every movie perspective going, from storyline, to character development to climax the former cheap and shock horror movies have their place in history. It is these cheap and to the point horror films that Whack the Serial Killer tends to borrow it’s own quick fix of horror and gore from.

Yet one can’t fail to realise that this highly viewed game (on Youtube) also references the main character from Silence of the Lambs, of course we are referring to Hannibal Lecter. Hannibal is notorious for disposing of his victims in rather vulgar and swift like ways using sharp objects, something the main protagonist of this game seems to have no hesistance of doing either. It’s almost as if the Serial Killer has unwittingly kidnapped an even more calculated version of himself!

This leads me to the conclusion that Whack the Serial Killer is actually a manifestation of too much horror indulging in general by the game’s developers.

Trapped in a basement of what seems to be a rather docile killer who is has failed to tie you up properly on your chair, your job is to use all the devices that he does against him. Conveniently located in such a small room are medieval torture devices such as “The Rack” and “Iron Maiden“. There’s even time to taunt and tease the killer with a Rat and a Cage, something many will be familiar with, with the more recent Game of Thrones reference.

This game typically follows in the footsteps of previous chapters in delivering instant gratification of money shot violence to the screens of fans. Playing mainly as the female character Lisa, you eventually get to rescue the game’s main star of two of the other chapters – Patrick from a trap door. I won’t tell you what’s going on exactly with him down there, I’ll leave that part a secret!

While the game has many shortcomings I cannot really argue with it’s pricing on Steam. Abandoning the flash model the developers decided to just charge $2.00 for an add free full HD version and included the other chapters in there for free too. So now you can play all four without ads or annoying performance issues that are so common with web browser games.

Whack the Serial Killer is packed full of real life and movie references (even some from 80’s classic cult horrors such as Hellraiser!), so if your into your cartoon violence and blood, then this game along with the other three chapters will just be right up your street!