Pro Zombie Soccer - The Mobile Soccer Stressball

Pro Zombie Soccer

There are plenty of standard, run-of-the-mill soccer games out there that deliver a very safe and uninspiring interpretation of the game. Football management titles, penalty and free kick-only titles, and standard match play games are all extremely common and for the most part are pretty much a dime a dozen in terms of their quality and low levels of originality. You need look no further than the app store to discover some of the more unusual and interesting football titles out there, however, and believe me when I say that Pro Zombie Soccer is up there at the top with the best of them. A football game with a significantly undead twist, Pro Zombie Soccer is undoubtedly one of the most visually impressive soccer games available for iOS and Android, and in spite of its intermittent presence in Itunes, it now has a firm presence on both of the aforementioned operating systems.

Far from your average football-based gameplay, Pro Zombie Soccer presents to us a protagonist that was simply in the wrong place at the wrong time, with this wrong time being a the middle zombie apocalypse that forces him to go on a zombie-killing rampage using the only weapon he has available: a football. In what is more like a side-scrolling shoot-em-up with a shortage of guns and an abundance of footballs, you must simply survive each of the rounds by using your weaponised football, kicking it at the waves of oncoming zombies whose approach from the right as reminiscent of the ever-classic Plants vs. Zombies. With Super Awesome Hyper Dimensional Mega Team in the developer’s chair, it isn’t surprising to see some top-notch graphics including beautifully detailed monster design and highly imaginative illustrations of the surrounding environment.

The mechanics of the gameplay are unique to this game in that you use your fingers to swipe up and down on the screen, pulling downwards to set the angle for main character Jax’s shots, and releasing to make him boot the ball in the direction that you set. Though the mechanics and format are a little different, the principle is the same as pretty much any other zombie defense game such as Endless Zombie Rampage. Your football creates havoc when directed successfully at zombies and results in a reasonable quantity of gore and body parts flying across the screen. Further additions to the fun are seen in the presence of variable damage zones on each enemy, with headshots issuing the most crushing blow and sometimes knocking their heads clean off. You can also set up a charged shot where you hold your finger down on the screen before releasing the ball, thus delivering a catastrophic blow to anything that the ball touches.

With progress through the game comes greater variety in both enemy and weapon. There are various kinds of zombies to go up against including you standard variety that are easily defeated, zombies that burrow underneath the ground requiring that you shoot at them accurately when they pop their head out, and also some larger creatures that must be taken down with a shot to the nether regions (colloquially known as a “nut shot”). For each enemy you kill, you fill up your power bar which allows you to utilise one of three special shots. The lightning ball allows you to fire multiple balls at a rapid pace, the piercing kick ensures that the ball slices through enemies easily, and a laser attack where Jax somehow kicks the ball at a satellite allowing you to target enemies with its laser-shooting capabilities temporarily.

With 20 levels in total to play through and a multitude of environments with gorgeous design as well as increasingly difficult enemies to face, there isn’t much that Pro Zombie Soccer doesn’t offer in the way of alternative soccer entertainment. One thing that it doesn’t offer that people may feel they are missing out on is the more traditional, pitch-based football experience, which may be better left to a downloadable football game such as Real Football 2013. For sheer originality, addictiveness, and stunning visual design however, Pro Zombie Soccer is the winner every time. 

A Calming Effect

Mobile games have been on the rise for a while now – the trouble is a lot of them are designed purely to get you to repeat one take an endless amount of times with little reward – almost like a never ending treadmill getting you to put maximum effort in with little results just so they can rack up your app bill through freemium offerings for what should be provided for free in the game – this can actually annoy you more than entertain you. With pro zombie soccer being one of the first head soccer games out on the mobile it aims to offer simple fun and plenty of it coupled with satisfaction without the freemium temptations.

Pro Zombie Soccer: Smash the Zombies

Smashing the zombies like in Zynga's zombie smash with your soccer skills will actually give you a great sense of satisfaction that this game can easily be considered a stress reliever. Some of the ways in which you dispose of the zombies are quite epic – such as the ability to send a football rocketing into space to nudge a satellite weapon into activation over the mass amounts of zombies coming your way.

With all the guts and glory you will find in movies such as Evil Dead balanced by the comical side of games such as Plants vs Zombies, Pro Zombie Soccer is the perfect app for all those who love football but also zombie carnage.