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Necronator 2

The Battle of Races Wages On

War has been with us since the beginning of time. Races have battled with each other since the dawn of history. Command hordes of undead soldiers or rally troops of Elven archers, the choice is yours to make in this online fantasy inspired real time strategy game. Defeat other races such as the Dragon race, Humans and Orcs and unify the world under your own banner.

Necronator 2 is an online real time strategy game inspired by classic games such as Command and Conquer, Warcraft and Starcraft. Choose to lead a specific race such as humans, orcs, elves etc., to victory as you build your armies and defeat opposing kingdoms. Train and upgrade your units to increase their stats and learn new spells to aid you in your quest. Are you ready to choose which side you are on?

The Faces of Different Races

The great thing about having five races to choose from is that each one looks different. Each unit’s sprite in the game looks decent and animates to some extent that makes them look believable. It is really fun to watch the game in action, especially once groups of soldiers clash with one another. Watching them hack each other to shreds while leaving pools of blood on the ground gave us that satisfying feeling of winning. While we all know loving violence is never a healthy thing in real life, enjoying it on a different medium such games or movies is entirely acceptable though.

Picking between Good and Evil

Necronator 2 offers the choice of picking from five (5) – Yes, you heard us correctly, five different races. Each race has its own pros and cons, so choosing which one really depends on the player’s style of playing and personal preferences. We actually chose the Elves on our first time playing the game since we prefer agile units. Here is a small rundown on the races found in the game:

Humans – a game would not be complete without the human race showing up to steal the spotlight. They are actually remnants of a fallen kingdom known as Togetanican. Their goal is to reclaim the glory they have lost.

Elves – magical creatures that protects nature against those who would threaten it; an ancient race that has been the topic of numerous stories and lores. They are very agile and are good with a bow.

Orcs – huge, brutish creatures that have been in war with the human race. They have allied themselves with the Necronator in order to finally defeat the humans. They may lack intelligence but they make up for it with brute strength.

Undead – the Necronator’s army of magically resurrected creatures; these vile and evil beings will stop at nothing to destroy the natural world.

Dragons – little is known about this magical race. It is said that they were an ancient race that had long been extinct. They have no affiliation with other races and have been known to wage war against anyone or anything that opposes them.

Each race has different advantages and disadvantages. Humans are the most rounded race amongst all the other races, with decent attack and defense stats.  Elves are more agile and are better with spells, while Orcs have powerful attacks but low health points. Choosing which race to play as will determine your overall playing style.

Building an Army from scratch

Most real time strategy games out there have a specific formula when it comes to building your army. This formula involves harvesting resources first, building the structures that create the units and upgrading the units before attacking your enemy’s base. Necronator 2 has a more simplified approach to creating your army and this method is actually more fun than the one found in other games. Players do not need to harvest resources anymore. The only resources you need to summon units in the game are gold and food. Gold is earned automatically when you defeat enemies and occupy buildings such villages and taverns, all of which are found throughout the map while playing the game. Food is consumed per unit created so once a unit dies, a certain number of food becomes available again.

Giving commands to your army is pretty straightforward and for those who have played games such as Warcraft and Command and Conquer the gameplay should be second nature already. Necronator 2 uses the same point and click style of gameplay used by pretty much all real time strategy games in the market. You can use shortcut keys such as the Q button to select all the available units you have on the map, this comes really handy when you want to rally all your troops together in one location. The Space Bar key can be used to toggle between accessing your spells and the units’ creation tab, which is a real life saver when you need to cast a healing spell on your dying troops. You can also setup a waypoint on the map to automatically send your newly summoned fighters to a specific location. Just drop the waypoint flag on the map and watch your freshly created troops flock to it like ducks in a pond.

Additional units can be unlocked during the game. By finishing missions and fulfilling certain challenges during each campaign, the player will gain Shield Points. These special points can be used to unlock new units, such as Swordsmen, Spearmen and Knights. Shield Points can also be used to upgrade your army with better armor, weapons and even increase their attack speeds and the double amount of experience gained. New and more powerful spells are also unlocked with these special points so make sure to use them wisely.

Challenges are presented during each mission in the game. The player might be required to finish the mission within a certain time limit or be asked to kill a group of enemies using only a spell, these are but some of the challenges presented during each mission in the game. Accomplishing these challenges provides bonuses to your overall score after each mission.

Units that participate during a mission gain experience points. Once enough experience points are gathered the unit’s level will increase, improving the unit’s overall status. We recommended using a specific type of unit numerous times during a mission to gain more experience points for their job class. You can also repeat completed missions in order to increase the level of the units you want to improve. Having an army of high level units really helped us during the later missions in the game where you must defeat special enemy units with enhanced stats.

Capturing buildings and other structures in the game not only rewards you with gold but can also provide you with special units to use during the mission. Mercenaries can be hired from the Tavern once you have captured it. These special units can turn the tide of battle instantly since they are summoned directly from the Tavern and not your home base.

The Winning Race

Necronator 2 is definitely a game worth playing. Whether you are a seasoned real time strategy game player or someone who just wants to play a fun and challenging online based strategy game, we highly recommend checking out Toge Productions Necronator 2. Granted that it doesn’t quiet reach the lofty heights of tower defense games like Gemcraft and Pokemon Tower Defense but with good looking visuals, nice music and addictive gameplay, the game gave us hours of entertainment during an otherwise tedious afternoon at the office.