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Whack the Serial Killer: Crazy Horror Movies Revisited

If your anything like the horror fan I am you probably have atleast come across and flirted with some of the more horrific and cringe worth movies around. I am thinking more of the Saw Series and Hostel than Silence of the Lambs by the way.


Pandemic 2 Review

No one likes to be taken ill for any reason, particularly with a virus that presents with terrible symptoms such as nausea, sweating, vomiting, and general malaise that persists for several days. It’s not as bad if you’re on the virus end of things, though, since you get to use a human as a host in which you can multiply by the thousands and proliferate until the host’s immune system battles you into submission.


Necronator 2

The Battle of Races Wages On

War has been with us since the beginning of time. Races have battled with each other since the dawn of history. Command hordes of undead soldiers or rally troops of Elven archers, the choice is yours to make in this online fantasy inspired real time strategy game. Defeat other races such as the Dragon race, Humans and Orcs and unify the world under your own banner.


Earn to Die 2012: Run Your Way Through Zombies

The perfect way to avoid being zombified isn’t to shoot your way out of it, or to simply drive your way across the country to avoid the trouble, but instead use a combination of the two in order to produce a game like Earn to Die 2012. Toffee Games have landed a very addictive and somewhat challenging sequel on the internet in the form of this abridged version of the iOS-based title. Earn to Die 2012 involves getting from point A to point B by using a car that can be upgraded using money that you earn from travelling certain distances and killing zombies en route. With some noticeable improvements from the original, this game has more variety and most importantly more upgrades than ever before and it is ready to entertain you at short or even virtually no notice.


Whack Your Boss 24 Ways (Don’t Try This in the Office!)

Anger and games do have a good relationship! I don’t have to tell you about the studies that have linked video games to anger and addiction. Games such as World of Warcraft are known for breeding addictive and zombie like gamers who would rather play in the fantasy world than spare two minutes to even use the toilet. Disrupting such people from their games can lead to a very angry reaction and backlash so approach with caution.


Jaws Revenge: Savagery and Blood Thirsty Satisfaction Combined

Though shark attacks aren’t traditionally a laughing matter, it is difficult to keep a straight face when browsing through the niche world of shark attack games. There are many games that involve the simulation of shark attacks and controlling a shark to perform various tasks and goals, though they almost invariably involve destroying and eating things for points, prizes, or simply the satisfaction of being able to do so.


Bailout Bonus Beatdown (Take Revenge of the Bankers)

Such is the nature of the society that we live in that at one point or another, the infrastructure upon which it is based is going to sway, shake and creak horribly under various internal and external pressures like a groaning skyscraper bowing under strain from the wind. Much like an individual living in a society which should (in theory) protect his/her human rights, freedom and right to pursue a life within the confines of said society’s laws, those on the top floor of the skyscraper trust that the architect who built it knows his stuff, and that the builders were actually listening when they attended ‘Skyscraper 101’ in construction school. For various technical reasons which definitely don’t warrant exploration in this very brief review, the economy of any country will inevitably suffer its own crises at various points in time.


Age of Zombies Mobile is a Twin Stick Shooter You Shouldn’t Miss Out On

We’re covering one of our older touch-screen tablet favorites: Age of Zombies because really, not everyone can get enough of the zeds. Fighting off the undead has been one of the biggest new hype-genres that modern society are enjoying and there is literally hundreds of zombie-themed games already available and are upcoming. That being said, new games are no excuse for missing out on good old ones. Age of Zombies is not a new game, and if you are only learning about it now, you better be paying attention.