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Age of Zombies Mobile is a Twin Stick Shooter You Shouldn’t Miss Out On

We’re covering one of our older touch-screen tablet favorites: Age of Zombies because really, not everyone can get enough of the zeds. Fighting off the undead has been one of the biggest new hype-genres that modern society are enjoying and there is literally hundreds of zombie-themed games already available and are upcoming. That being said, new games are no excuse for missing out on good old ones. Age of Zombies is not a new game, and if you are only learning about it now, you better be paying attention.

Age of Zombies stars the indomitable Barry Steakfries, a sprite hero full of muscle, brawns, one-liners, and of course, himself. And that is where the main charm of the game lies: you will taking control of Barry Steakfries on a trip across various points of time to fight off against the undead, and you will be armed with explosives, armaments, and attitude. The first two is for keeping you alive, the last one makes you want to stay alive long enough to hear the next one-liner. To say that this game is well written is an understatement. There is a certain level of simplicity in the humor, but once you get past the surface and see the homage/references and tributes to pop culture, and you will start seeing that a lot of the almost random things happening in-game have been put there for a reason.

Twin stick shooters are not made for touch screen devices -that is something we truly believe in. But there are occasionally a few games that manage to be playable enough to overlook this little issue. And in case of Age of Zombies; the game is so fun, even the consistent off-screen hand sliding flaw that we have come to associate with the use of virtual joysticks becomes a price we are all more than willing to pay just to continue playing the game.

To be fair, there are some points in the game when we found ourselves wishing that Age of Zombies would support some 3rd party controller or something -just so we could be able to run circles around those pesky zombies without getting hit all the time. This usually involved huge mobs, odd-angled stage-edges, and the fact that a well lobbed grenade is the single most important thing you’d need to do. Aside from that, the game gives an ample amount of “breathing space”; which is basically time for you to look at your hands and reposition them (because holding a touch screen for long periods is quite uncomfortable).

Visually, this game is a charm. Nothing but glorious 2D sprite art from beginning to end, and we are all the more happy about it. The iOS handles sprite loading quite well (and fast), this means that character animations are smooth, enemy details are vivid, and everything in the game looks like it was well put together (and it is). There is no voice acting in the game, which really does not matter since it would not jive with the existing sprite-based retro appeal that Age of Zombies has. The dialogue boxes are well worth the time to read, so try not to skip those if you want to truly savor the experience of the game.

There is a definitely challenge to the game once you get past the first couple of eras. Thankfully, there are no in-app purchases so the game is geared towards players honing their skills and earning stuff in-game (as opposed to tweaking the difficulty so hard that you’d feel “encouraged” to buy extra credits). While we certainly wish that the developers would add more post game content, just finishing the main campaign is already a satisfying experience making Age of Zombies one of the better zombie games for mobile devices.

Overall, we consider Halfbrick’s Age of Zombies as a must have title for both action and zombie fans. The cartoony 2D art style which is strikingly similar to the older Boxhead Zombie Game may not fly well for players seeking something a little more serious and gritty, but when it comes to an actual game challenge, AoZ certainly has plenty. There’s a huge variety in terms of enemy designs and stage locations so the action never gets old -add in the fact that Barry makes for a really interesting lead character and you know that this is one game that’s going to be hard to put down.